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MysticArt Pictures is uniquely positioned in the Entertainment Industry as one of the most innovative multi-faceted companies of its kind. The foundation of this award-winning company and the key to its success in both television and film is talent. From casting thousands of hours of both scripted and unscripted television shows for every major broadcast and cable network to producing television projects and critically acclaimed films, MysticArt has recognized its most valuable asset is talent. MysticArt has consistently created opportunities for creative minds to bring simple concepts to life. We infuse each project with innovative ideas and unforgettable talent. President and CEO Katy Wallin has a proven track record and has created unique business models and strategies to ensure all companies and collaborators are successful.

The company’s mission is to Imagine, Collaborate, & Create...

IMAGINE: The MysticArt Pictures team brings a flair for innovation and creative problem solving to each new challenge. Our passion, perseverance, and positive approach has proven anything is possible time and again.

COLLABORATE: Collaboration is a key component and one of the most valued missions our company maintains. We have been fortunate to have worked with every broadcast and cable network, hundreds of television and film production companies, some of the most recognized talent in the world, and built relationships with some of the most creative and passionate minds in the industry. With each new project, MysticArt looks forward to building and sustaining relationships with professionals who share the same vision.

CREATE: The company prides itself on its consistently inspirational, aspirational, and influential content and thrives on the ability to carry a project from concept to deliverables.

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Katy Wallin

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