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Katy Wallin - President/CEO

Katy Wallin is the CEO of award-winning company MysticArt Pictures, which she founded and launched over 25 years ago and since has produced several critically-acclaimed feature films and created and executive produced several television projects under her production banner. Katy packaged and oversaw the development, pre-production, production and distribution of each of her projects.

Meet the Putmans - Docu-Series

Executive Producer: Katy Wallin

Production Co: MysticArt Pictures, Discovery Studios

Starring: The Putman Family

Network: TLC

We Are Young

Executive Producer: Katy Wallin, Stephanie Chambers

Production Co: MysticArt Pictures, Wilshire Studios

Starring: The Young Family

Network: NBC

Kiss Me

Produced by: Katy Wallin and Jeff Probst

Production Co: MysticArt Pictures, Great Adventure Productions

Directed by: Jeff Probst

Written by: Liz Sarnoff (Lost, Deadwood, Alcatraz)

Starring: Sarah Bolger, Emily Osment, John Corbett, Jenna Fischer, Rita Wilson, Missi Pyle, Steven Weber

Released by: In the process of distributing worldwide

Finder's Fee

Produced by: Katy Wallin

Production Co: MysticArt Pictures, Shavick Entertainment

Directed by: Jeff Probst

Written by: Jeff Probst

Starring: James Earl Jones, Ryan Reynolds, Robert Forster, Erik Palladino, and Matthew Lillard

Released by: Lionsgate

Awards: Finder’s Fee has received critical acclaim and numerous awards, including the Seattle International Film Festival Golden Space Needle Award for best film, and Method Fest Independent Film Festival Best Screenplay for a Feature Film. James Earl Jones won Best Actor in a DVD Premiere at the DVDX Awards. Finder’s Fee was nominated for Best Live-Action Movie, Best Screenplay, and Best Cinematography at DVDX.

Welcome to the Family

Executive Producers: Katy Wallin, Ben Silverman, Greg Johnston, Bernie Mac

Production Co: MysticArt Pictures, Reveille

Created by: Katy Wallin/MysticArt Pictures

Starring: Bernie Mac

Network: NBC (Pilot)
Under MysticArt’s production banner, Katy Wallin created a real-life romantic comedy and assembled an all-star team, including legendary comedian Bernie Mac.

Where the Red Fern Grows

Produced by: Katy Wallin, David Alexanian

Production Co: MysticArt Pictures, Elixir Films

Directed by: Sam Pillsbury, Lyman Dayton

Written by: Douglas C. Stewart, Eleanor Lamb, Lyman Dayton, and Sam Pillsbury

Starring: Dave Matthews in his first feature film, Kris Kristofferson, Ned Beatty, and Mac Davis

Released by: Disney

Awards: The film premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival and went on to win the Crystal Heart Award at the Heartland Film Festival. Katy has a passion for working on projects that promote positive family values. She was inspired to produce an adaptation of time-honored classic Where the Red Fern Grows, the bestselling children’s novel by Wilson Rawls. Katy Wallin secured the film rights from the Rawls family for a story that, to date, has sold an estimated 7 million copies and is required reading in schools across America.


Producer by: Katy Wallin, Tom Green

Production Co: MysticArt Pictures, Elixir Films

Directed by: Tom Green

Written by: Tom Green

Starring: Tom Green

Released by: In the process of distribution

Romantic Comedy 101

Executive Producer: Katy Wallin

Production Co: MysticArt Pictures

Directed by: Peter Deluise

Starring: Jeremy London, Joey Lawrence, Tom Arnold, Thomas Ian Nicholas, Natalia Cigliuti

Network: E!


Katy Wallin

Katy Wallin

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