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MysticArt Pictures is conducting a nationwide search to discover the next hit television show!

 For the last two decades, MysticArt has discovered and cultivated talent that has won over home audiences on some of the most instrumental programs to influence the genre of unscripted television. MysticArt is expanding its development slate by searching the nation for the most unique and compelling subcultures, personalities, lifestyles, professions, businesses, social circles, and individuals in America. When considering what you want to tell us about your show idea, make sure you are truly explaining what is unique about it. What would make this a must-watch TV show? What are some interesting facts or tidbits about the main cast?

What kind of show are you submitting? This will influence what details you will need to supply to catch our attention. Some shows could be:

  • A game show
  • A docu-series following you, a business, a group, or subculture
  • A competition
  • A makeover show
  • A renovation show
  • A social experiment
  • Hidden camera
  • Supernatural
  • Variety

Tips to Consider:

When pitching us a show based on an individual, family, business, subculture, social circle, lifestyle, or profession, remember to include some of the following:

  • Tell us why this idea would make for good television. Make sure you include the world around you!
  • Describe your personality and why you are a true character.
  • Give us a snapshot of what we might see in an episode.


When pitching us an idea such as a game show, competition, makeover show, etc., please remember:

  • Explain to us what you envision an episode being like. Is this show unlike any other that has come before, or can you relate it to a popular show on the air?
  • Does this show/concept have talent attached? If so, who is the talent, and do they have credits/a resume we may see?
  • What is the goal of the show? Do contestants win a special prize, or will there be a consistent end result at the end of an episode?

Visual Representation Please provide the best visual representation of your idea or project. This is VERY IMPORTANT. This could include:

  • Website link
  • Sizzle reel
  • Footage
  • Photos
  • Treatment

It is important to note that MysticArt Pictures reserves the right to review or not review any or all submissions.

MysticArt Pictures has wide access to ideas, screenplays and other literary materials, and new ideas are constantly being submitted to it or being developed by those assisting in the creation, maintenance, and production and casting of MysticArt Pictures. Many ideas or screenplays are similar and often different ideas and screenplays relate to one or more underlying themes.

MysticArt does not now and shall not have in the future any duty or liability, direct or indirect, vicarious, contributory, or otherwise, with respect to the infringement or protection of Submitter's copyright for the “Idea”. If the “Idea” is considered for possible production by MysticArt Pictures, the Submitter must enter into an agreement with MysticArt Pictures.

In order to make a submission, please read the submission agreement below.

I Agree to the Submission Release

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