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As developers and producers of content across all platforms, we recognize that the foundation of all great projects is talent. The MysticArt Pictures team utilizes our skills and experience to help talent define themselves as personalities, experts, and brands. We work hand in hand with anyone from established experts to up-and-comers in identifying new opportunities and potential shows. We are working to help fresh faces worldwide forge new careers in entertainment and helping some of the industry’s most recognizable names cross genres and fields. We put Dave Matthews in his first movie, produced Jeff Probst’s directorial debut, discovered the Power Rangers, who after 20 years remain television icons, and recently created a show starring a family of 25 who live under one roof called Meet the Putmans, debuting on TLC in 2017.

This tool helps talent uncover their brand, break down their expertise, and open themselves up to the range of possibilities in the entertainment landscape.

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STEP 1: Contact Info

This is your basic information and how we may best contact you.

Step 2: Your World

Tell us about your daily life and surroundings.

What is your occupation/business?
Describe your home and lifestyle – who do you live with, and where?
What are some of your unique hobbies/activities?
Step 3 - Your Story

Step 3: Your Story

Describe your unique life story in 300 words or less. Include any highlights you’ve experienced so far.
What is your personality archetype and why? For example, are you the Hero, The Princess, The Geek, etc?
If you had your own TV show, what would it be about, and why would people watch?
If you were to compare yourself to a well-known figure, real or fictional, who would it be?

Step 4 - Media & Send

Step 4: Media & Send

Add a visual elemenet to your life story.

Add 1-3 photos that show you, the most important people in your life, and anything that sets you apart such as your business or hobbies.

Photo #1: Photo #2: Photo #3:

Add 1-3 video links that show off your personality and your world. These links will work best via YouTube or Vimeo. You may also send us downloadable links via Hightail, Google Drive, or Dropbox.Copy and paste entire link.

Video Link #1: Video Link #1: Video Link #1:

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