About MysticArt:

MysticArt Pictures is uniquely positioned in the entertainment industry as the leader in talent-driven content and one of the most innovative and multi-faceted companies with a global clientele. With over three decades of experience discovering, developing, and packaging talent, MysticArt Pictures remains at the forefront of an ever-evolving industry. Utilizing current and emerging technologies, the CEO and President, Katy Wallin, recognized early on that technology would be the single most important tool to change the course of discovering talent worldwide.

MysticArt Pictures created a Proprietary Website and Database Software that is a complete business solution for finding talent. It starts with a rock-solid CMS (Content Management System) for a mobile-first, aesthetically pleasing user experience that is constantly updated. The admin side has organizational tools to manage hundreds of projects and hundreds of thousands of users. Tools include a pitch system with encryption and tracking reports, a tagging system to identify talent based on keywords, a weekly newsletter system with delivery reports, and a show management system. The database itself is one of the largest in the industry and is growing daily. In addition, MysticArt’s network-approved online infrastructure is integrated with a fully-secured age gate and is compliant with local, national, and international privacy laws. This website includes a landing page and dedicated real estate space for all of MysticArt’s projects and shows and is internally managed by the team year-round.

With a full production/casting facility located in a 4-story loft in Universal Plaza, cutting-edge technology, and a team of highly creative and passionate professionals, MysticArt is devoted to fueling talent for every project. As our CEO Katy Wallin says, talent is the key ingredient that sets us apart as storytellers.

The MysticArt Loft

MysticArt is headquartered in a 4-story loft in Universal Loft. It is an open, creative space with a modern and home-y feel, which is perfect for our MysticArt family! For inquiries regarding location rentals for film, television, or photo shoots, please contact Jack at Jack@mysticartpictures.net.