MysticArt Pictures has expanded and completed a 5000 square foot renovation of casting/production space. We have four beautiful studios that can be used for auditions, taping or production space. We have office space that can seat up to 12 personnel with phones and a fully furnished private office. Free Wi-Fi Internet and wireless printing are also available. Our facility comes with an equipped kitchen facility, spacious lobby and excellent parking. A full service kitchen, copy machine, phones and conferencing are also available. MysticArt Pictures also has video and production equipment available for additional rental if needed.

Rates are negotiable.


  • Studio Rental (No Operator) $550.00/day
  • Studio Rental (With Operator) $700.00/day
  • Callback Rental (With Operator) $750.00/day
  • Saturday (time and a half) $1050.00/day
  • Sunday and Holidays (x2) $1400.00/day


  • DVD $30.00/p
  • VHS $20.00/p
  • MiniDV 20.00/p
  • Polaroid Spec Polaroid Cam

**Complimentary Services: Phones, Fax, Copier, Internet, Printer

To book a studio, please contact MysticArt