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MysticArt Pictures has one of the most successful apprentice programs in the entertainment industry. We pride ourselves on mentoring individuals who have a desire to either launch a career or transition their career to casting and/or production. We are proud to say that many interns have been promoted within our company to high level positions and many have also transitioned outside of the company to successful careers due to their training, mentoring and development at MysticArt Pictures.

All interested candidates must apply for this program. Please send a letter of reference, a current resume and short overview of why you would like to join our internship program to

Intern Alumni

“My time at MysticArt Pictures was nothing short of amazing. I truly didn't know it was possible to grow and learn so much in the casting and development field and create such a tight bond with everyone on the Mystic team in such a short time. MysticArt is truly a special, extraordinary place filled with the hardest workers who have the closest team dynamic and a genuine passion for what they do. I learned multiple things from each and every person in the office, and I wouldn't have traded my internship and job experience at Mystic for anything."
– Jordan

"Everyone at MysticArt Pictures was very welcoming and were always there to answer any questions I had. I previously had no experience and by the end of my internship I felt more confident in my abilities to grow within the entertainment industry with the experience I gained."
- Rachel

"Interning at Mystic Art was an incredible experience and I got the opportunity to work with an amazing and welcoming team. All the employees at Mystic really work together and have a special and unique bond that creates a very enjoyable work environment. I learned so much about the process of unscripted casting during my internship and am so grateful to have gotten to be a Mystic Art intern."
– Rosette

"Working as an intern at MysticArt Pictures was a fun and beneficial learning experience. From the beautiful office space to the awesome staff, interning at Mystic was a great opportunity for young graduates like myself to gain a better understanding of the casting world. I hope to one day work with them again in the future."
- Cara

"Though my interests were in other areas of production I decided that having a well rounded understanding of the entire casting process would be worth knowing. After only a few weeks into my internship I feel comfortable in my grasp of the process and an appreciation for the hard work that goes into it. MysticArt Pictures allows interns to be very hands on and to be an imperative part of the team. I have never felt more welcome then I do with the employees of MysticArt and am very happy to have been offered the opportunity to work with such an awesome team!"
– Hailee Kendrick

"I started my internship 2 weeks after moving to Los Angeles with no casting experience and immediately knew I was in the right place. Everyone at MysticArt made me feel so at home! It was one of the best learning experiences of my life and has led me in a whole new, amazing career path."
- Kenzie Gardner

"I started interning with no real background in casting, but the desire to learn. I was pleasantly surprised at how much MysticArt Pictures was interested in actually teaching me. The knowledge I gained in a short time is invaluable. Katy and her staff has a genuine desire to teach and get to know their interns. I found myself wanting to come in to the office on days that I wasn't even working! Shortly after starting my internship I was hired. After coming in with no experience, learning so much and ultimately getting hired, I could not be more ecstatic about my future with Mystic and casting in general!"
- Richard Realivasquez

"I have had the fortunate opportunity of being accepted in the internship program at MysticArt Pictures. I never expected that responding to a Craigslist ad would lead me to the chance of working with a group of talented individuals who made me feel a part of the casting team/family right away! I look forward to seeing where this experience will lead me in the near future."
- Jessica Lauren Olsefsky

"I learned so much during my internship with MysticArt Pictures. I went into it with a passion for casting, but absolutely no experience in the field. I was pleasantly surprised by how hands-on the internship was! From the first minute, I felt like I was a part of the team - if I had a question, there was someone there to happily answer it. If there was an opportunity to learn, I was fully encouraged and supported in doing so. Best of all, the internship led to a job with MysticArt Pictures! I can genuinely say it is a delight to come into work every day, and give the internship program the highest praise!"
- Avery Steele

"I appreciate the opportunity given to me by receiving this internship at Mystic Art Pictures and can't wait to see where it possibly might bring me!"
- Jessica Lenz

"My amazing career, the industry relationships I’ve made, my professional family, enjoying life in Los Angeles, all made possible because of one response to a MysticArt ad looking for interns. MysticArt truly changed the course of my life."
- Jonathan Sanders

"I never saw myself in casting. I applied to the internship program at MysticArt Pictures not knowing what to expect, but after working on several shows, I absolutely loved it. I learned so much about a field I never knew anything about and have since been growing within the casting field thanks to Katy Wallin and everyone else at MysticArt. Katy is by far the nicest boss anybody could hope to work for. She is friendly, genuine and very encouraging. I am very thankful to have been given such an amazing job that perfectly fits my personality and none of it would have been possible had it not been for the internship program."
- Angelo Ierace

"The internship program at MysticArt Pictures is the reason I have a successful career in reality show casting. Two and half years after my internship ended I am still here working hard as a casting producer. I don't know where I would be if I had not taken the first step with the MysticArt internship Program."
- Jack Marash

"I was lucky enough to be selected into the MysticArt internship program where I learned the essentials of casting and production, and fell in love with it. Katy Wallin has a niche for matching people with the right career path while applying each staff member’s individual talents to where they fit best and have the most room to grow and advance. Katy values the opinions and ideas of each staff member and makes everyone feel like a significant part of MysticArt Pictures."
- Sari Montrone

"My internship with MysticArt Pictures has been the best learning experience! I went into it with a passion for casting, but no real knowledge in it. I was able to work on shows and get hands-on experience from the start. Katy and her team are extremely helpful and eager to teach their interns. Just a few weeks into the program I was hired, and am currently a casting assistant. I couldn't be more grateful for what this program has given me!"
-Michelle Drain

"I wasn't sure what to expect when I applied to the Internship Program at MysticArt, but even by the end of the interview, I was excited to join this team. Having no casting in my background, I was grateful for the chance to jump right in and get hands on experience. The people here are welcoming, professional, and they really take the time to walk you through the entire process. I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to participate in this program! "
- Erin Wilt

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