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A chance to make a special life moment or milestone even more magical!

Do you have a BIG LIFE MOMENT or MONUMENTAL LIFE EVENT coming up that you want to make MAGICAL? 

Whether you are planning a proposal, surprising a loved one with a soldier coming home from deployment, celebrating a local hero or coach, or paying it forward to someone special, no moment is too big or too small! 

If there is someone special in your community that you are surprising this summer, let us help you make this occasion unforgettable! 

We want to hear all about why this person is so special to you and why they deserve this "magic moment"...apply now by clicking LOGIN TO APPLY below. 


  • Must be 18 years or older to apply. 
  • Must be a legal US resident. 
  • Must be available to film for approximately one week in early 2021.



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