Now Casting

The iconic show returns!

While casting for the new design team for the upcoming season of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition has concluded, you are welcome to submit in anticipation of future seasons and potential design team additions. Please see the steps designers followed to apply for this season below:


Click "Log In" to create a talent profile and complete the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition application. Please note, you must be at least 18 years of age to complete an application and submit casting materials. 


Submit a self-tape taking us on a tour of your natural work environment or a current or past job/work site. Please submit this video to the talent team at emhedesigncast@gmail.com. We want to get to know your personality and see how you interact/engage with your clients or co-workers. We are looking for people that have the talent and ability to help transform a whole home build/renovation on an accelerated timeline. We are also looking for people who have true heart and a passion for helping to change people's lives one home at a time. Tape should be between 7-10 minutes. Please follow these guidelines: 

  • Please hold the phone horizontally the entire time, as this gives us the best and fullest frame. If you have someone who can film you, that is even better! 
  • Humor and heart are key ingredients for this video. This is your time to shine and showcase your talent, your unique skillset (i.e. carpenter, interior designer, architect, etc) and what sets you apart. Tell us why you should star on one of the most celebrated shows in America! 
  • If you work with a philanthropy, non-profit, or community group, please feel free to show us that environment as well!
  • Dress in a way that best represents you and your personality. 
  • Make sure your lighting is good and that we can properly see and hear you. For indoor shots, please make sure the room is well-lit. 

To submit this tape, please email us at emhedesigncast@gmail.com with an unlisted YouTube link, Vimeo link with video download enabled, Google Drive, Hightail, WeTransfer, or Dropbox link. Please do not post your video on a public forum. 


Please email 8-10 photos of you that best showcase your personality and lifestyle to emhedesigncast@gmail.com. Additionally, please send us 8-10 photos of your work, craft, or projects that you have completed related to the role you are submitting for. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to our talent team at 323-536-9999 or email emhedesigncast@gmail.com.

If you are a family applying to appear on the show, or if you have a family to nominate, please click HERE.