Family Bucket List

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Is your family working together to conquer your bucket list?

MysticArt Pictures announces an inspiring, aspirational, and life-changing new show! 

Are you and your family completing your bucket list? Are you: 

  • Leaving your old life behind to travel the world together?
  • Trying to conquer a massive goal that has always been your dream?
  • Working to learn new skills or develop a new career/business?
  • Building something you've always wanted, such as a house, a boat, etc?
  • Transforming in a way no one in your life could ever imagine?

We are now accepting 2-3 minute video submissions from families all over the world that are putting their 9-5's aside to focus on their bucket lists! In your video, please include: 

  • Your names and ages
  • Where you currently live
  • What your goals are
  • Details about how you plan to achieve your goals

If using a phone to film, please be sure to set up your phone so it is horizontal, not vertical. Submit your video by emailing the file/sharing the link with 

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